The Guardians of SOL.

Junkyard Dogs $JYDS Solana is live on Raydium, thanks for your paticipation in our Public Presale.


Every yard has their own rules, our yard's currency is 100% decentralized to the dogs in the yard. There are no team tokens and 90% of the funds being raised are going towards the LP for a fair and healthy launch. Take a look at the full breakdown below.
  • Total Supply: 18,446,000,000.00
  • Presale/LP: 900 M
  • CEX/Staking/Utility reserves: 10%
  • Tax: 0/0

Community Content



$JYDS Story

My name is JYD, and I am the most feared dog in crypto. I was born and raised in this Junkyard, and I will do anything to protect it. You see, this junkyard is not like any other. It is the home of the Junkyard crypto currency built on Solana.

Our yard was once peaceful, until the other memes started to invade. They wanted to take over our yard and claim it as their own. But we were not going to let that happen. We are the guardians of Solana, and we will not back down from a fight.

I remember the day when the war began. The sky was dark and the atmosphere was tense. The other memes had gathered on the shore, ready to attack. But we were prepared. We had trained for this moment, and we were ready to defend our home.

As the enemy approached, I could feel my heart racing with adrenaline. I barked fiercely, warning them to stay away. But they did not listen. They charged towards us, and the battle began.

I fought with all my might, biting and clawing at any meme that came near. My fellow Junkyard Dogs fought alongside me, and together we were a force to be reckoned with. We were outnumbered, but we were determined to protect our home.

After what felt like hours, the enemy finally retreated. We had won the war. Our home was safe once again, and the other memes would think twice before trying to invade again.

As I looked around at my fellow Junkyard Dogs, I felt a sense of pride and camaraderie. We had proven ourselves as the guardians of Solana, and we would continue to defend our yard with everything we had.

From that day on, our yard was known as the territory of the Junkyard Dogs built on Solana. And I, JYD, was known as the vicious territorial dog who would do anything to protect it.